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Shaken or stirred?

Does it look like I give a damn?

Bond is Blonde. Deal with it!
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  B O N D.   J A M E S   B O N D  

From what I have noticed.. the world is divided into the ones who love the Bond movies and the ones that don't. Casino Royale hit the reset button and made Bond what he was supposed to be, and has made the non-fans squeal in the process. It's new, it’s gritty and thank god there is not a retarded gadget in sight. So this community is for you.

Casino Royal was just the start so this is the place JUST for the fans of the new movie and onwards. Old school fans are, of course, welcome but take into consideration a lot of people don't share your enthusiasm for the pre-Craig movies!

Hail the blonde Bond!

Note: It doesnt mean this is just a place to squeal about Daniel Craig. Its for the 'new' Bond franchise so give the other cast member or just Mads Mikkelsen some love ;-)

Some stuff in this community may be locked so make sure you join rather than just friend so you can see everything members have to offer

  T H E   R U L E S   O F   T H E   G A M E  

1. The most important rule of all.. please can you keep all posts in the community related to the new Bond franchise in some way, shape or form. (and yes stupid posts about how to do tricks with poker chips count as on topic :-p )

2. Expanding on and totally ignoring rule one.. if you want to post pics or interviews of just Mads Mikkelsen any of the cast of this or future Bond movies then just go ahead.

3. Fanfiction.. oh go on.. if you have to! But please give it a rating and some form of summary.. that’s all I ask.

4. Graphics/icons are welcome. Please post teasers (of icons) and if you link to a locked journal I will delete your post.

5. Don’t be a pain in the ass or I’ll ban you! If you ask for a definition of ‘pain in the ass’ I will throw poker chips at you!

  A F F I L I A T E S